Natural Health and Wellness for Everyone

This website is set up to provide Natural Health and Wellness remedies and information.

My Life Purpose is to 'Inspire and Educate People to stay Fit and Healthy'. I often ask myself, 'What can I do to prevent disease and old age related sickness?'

With my Life Purpose and the question I ask of myself regarding my health, I become interested in natural remedies. Many people around me are looking at more ways to stay in the pink of health so that they can remain active throughout their senior years.

These are some problems I may face as I grow older:

1. I am concerned with the healthcare cost of falling sick.

2. I am worried that my insurance is insufficient to pay for my medical expenses.

3. I want to have a quality of life right into my old age without any medical challenges.

With these problems in mind, I started to learn about ayurveda wellness, herbs, practise meditation for beginners and research into the latest natural health news. Ayurveda is a 5000 years old 'Science of Life' with emphasis on healing the mind-body. Meditation is a perfect tool to manage stress and achieve clarity in life. Herbs provide the goodness of the earth to rejuvenate the mind-body.

More and more people are looking at having more say in their own health. I ask myself, what can I do first before the need to see a doctor? With the healthcare system heavily demanded by people, what can I do to relieve the healthcare system? It is by choosing to be healthy and fit. Health is a personal choice. I believe that I have to choose to be healthy. No one can force health on another person.

These knowledge has help me lose 10 kilograms in weight and my blood pressure is excellent now. My body fats has reduced by 8% and my muscle mass increased by 4%.

These achievements are not possible without the Natural Health and Wellness knowledge I have gained.

Chopra Center University Feature

I have been featured in the Chopra Center University newsletter. It is a great honour and testimony to the
work I am doing in Inspiring and Educating people to stay Fit and Healthy.

Read my feature in the Teacher's Spotlight.

Mind Body Spirit Festival 2013

The Mind Body Spirit Festival is a 2 Days event held at the iconic Singapore Flyer. Many yoga lovers and practitioners gathered for a buffet of different yoga and meditation practices.

I had the honour of my own Chopra Teacher's booth where I shared the timeless teachings of Meditation and Ayurveda to the hundreds of people who came daily. I also showcased some of Dr Deepak Chopra's work which had impacted me greatly. The appreciation of the people who came by really warmed my heart and it was 2 days well spent.

I lead a morning meditation which fell on Mothers' Day on the second day of the festival. The meditators
awakened early and spent close to an hour in silence. A perfect start to Mothers' Day.

Namaste Festival 2012 in Jakarta

The Namaste Festival is an annual event in Jakarta. The event has a natural healing theme with different  speakers and teachers from around the world sharing their expertise.

I was speaking about Ayurveda to a group of keen participants. They were taught the basic of Mind-Body types and how to use natural herbs for detoxification. The group discussed earnestly about applying the concepts they had learnt in their daily life.

Detoxification - Ayurvedic Perspective Talk 2012

I was invited by India Herbs to talk about Detoxification from the Ayurvedic perspective. From my training with The Chopra Center, I was able to share how Medical Doctors included ayurvedic herbs in their daily  practice.

The participants were listening attentively as I went through the properties of various herbs and how to consume them safely for detoxification.